The musician named Kinyras who was born in ancient Cilicia, Cukurova went to Cyprus and became the king there. The beautiful daughter of Kinyras who was the Cyprus King made the goddess Aphrodite angry by showing disrespect, when she said “I’m more beautiful than you.” Aphrodite gave the aspiration of  “forbidden love of the father” in her heart, as a punishment. Myrrha, with the plot of her nanny - slept in her father’s bed  and she was concieved after 11 nights. But when the spell was over, and when the father was aware of what was done; he wanted his daughter be killed and thus he would be get rid of the lamentation. Myrrha escaped and she prayed the gods in order to make her invisible. The gods took her Mersin shore and turned her into the myrtle tree which has pleasant odor. Ten months later, beautiful Adonis was born from the bark of myrtle tree. The beautiful mother of Adonis was thought to be the legendary person to give Myrtle tree its name.

I believed in my beauty and rejected Aphrodite.

I was lamented.

With the plot of my nanny, I was sent to the bed of my father.

I pleaded gods, to be invisible. I am a plant with a pleasant scent.

My branches bedeck your bouquets free of charge in every florist, I am the cushion of the dead in the village cemeteries…